Pillars of El Sistema

  • Accessibility - Programs are free or at a reduced cost so that all can afford them and no one is denied acceptance.
  • Social Change – Children first, Music second
  • Frequency – Our program meets four times a week for the entire year, including Summer
  • Ensemble Focus - The focus is on the ensemble, not the individual musician
  • Continuity – Our program will follow these students until high school graduation

A.C.M.E. has based its curriculum on these principles. We have also partnered with El Sistema USA for consultation and resources so that we may most effectively provide these pillars of education to our community. You cannot inspire social change without first strengthening the heart!

New York Times’ El Sistema article

For more information on the El Sistema program, visit their website or feel free to contact us with questions

Source: http://elsistemausafiles.wordpress.com/2011/09/govias-five-fundamentals-of-el-sistema.pdf